How To Find Email IP Address

Last Updated 9/22/2020

How to find the sender's original IP address using email message headers

Internet emails carry the IP address of the computer from which the email was sent. It is stored in the email header. Email headers works like envelope. They contain the electronic equivalent of addressing and postmarks that reflect the routing of mail from source to destination.

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Like most people, you have probably never seen an email header as most modern email clients hide them from view. However, headers are always delivered along with the message contents. What you need to do is find the right option that will reveal them.

Since email programs do not normally display these Headers, we must first learn how to display them. Depending on the program, it takes a different approach. Here is how it works using Windows default program - Outlook Express:

1. Select the File Menu.
2. Properties.
3. Details tab.

Headers in the MS Office version of Outlook:

1. Open a message.
2. View Menu.
3. Options.
4. Delivery options.
5. The header information is in the Internet Headers box.

A header consists of two sections - Header's name and Header's data. Email Headers can include any kind of information. In order to determine the address of origin, special attention must be paid to the Received Headers.

Additional problem arise however. Email messages frequently contain more than one Received Headers. Keep in mind that “Received” Headers are appended to the front of the email message as it travels through the internet to your email inbox.

Unfortunately there are those who for various reasons want to conceal their IP address from the message receiver. Spammers come up with clever tricks to hide their real IP address, like placing fake Received headers.